Electrically conductive type


  • The adhesives of this type can cure at 100degC or less, unequaled by any other one-component epoxy resin electrically conductive paste. They can be applied to heat-sensitive components. This curing and the other bonding steps can be combined into one process.
  • They cure within one minute in a medium temperature range such as 150degC, contributing to improve prodution efficiency to reduce mutiple processes by minimizing curing time.
  • CJ series as electrically conductive “PLENSET” has achieved curing at 80degC


Less Solvent compositon

PLENSET has less solvent composition.

Therefore, It does not generate out-gas during curing process, while conventinal type of conductive adhesive has comtamination issue caused by out gas.

Due to less solvent composition, PLENSET has widely used for Lens and camera modeles.

Galvanic corrosion resistance

Galvanic corrosion (Bimetallic corrosion) inhibiting electrically conductive adhesive about galvanic corrosion.

This corrosion is an electrochemical oxidazation reduction process, which occurs when two dissimilar metals are brought into electrical contact under high temperature and high humidity condition.

  • Electric potential is high. (Ag) -> Cathode
  • Electric potential is low. (Sn、Ni) -> Anode

Anodal metal is corroded.

-> Contact resistance increases between Ag and Sn or Ni.

If the galvanic corrosion can be minimized, Conductive adhesive can replaced by soldering process.

As solder reflow (at high temperature process) and/or flux cleaning are not needed, reducing the number of production steps can be realized and low heat-resistant materials can be combined.

ITEM CJ-721 CJ-727 Conditions
Electrically conductive
powder content
75% 80%
Appearance Silver
Visual observation
Viscosity 27Pa・s 70Pa・s E-type viscometer,
25degC, 5rpm
Thixotropic index 3.2 4.5 E-type viscometer,
25degC, 0.5rpm/5rpm
Recommended cure schedule 60min at
60min at
Convection oven
Lap shear
4.5N/mm2 4.5N/mm2 Cu-clad glass-
epoxy plate
Glass transition
88degC 92degC TMA
Sheiding EMI

With rich Ag filler enables to perform as EMI sheilding while PLENSET keeps good balance with fluidity.

PLENSET gives solution for Electromagnetic Intererence with ensuring to fill in the narrow gaps of application and device.

Unnessary of FLUX cleaning

Unlike conventinal type of Solder paste, PLENSET is required Flux cleaning prior to adhesion.

Reflow free (Unnessary of high temparature)

It is unnessary to process reflow because PLENSET is able to cure at 80℃
The reflow process can be time consuming to cure and it may cause the components to be damaged due to heat and out-gas.

Especially, PLENSET is one of solution for lens and sensor.

Low viscosity (PLENSET has achieved low viscosity with high concentration of electric conductive Ag filler)

PLENSET has sucessfully achieve high concentration Ag filler with excellent flowability.

As electronics industry requires downsizing and finer applications, PLENSET is possible to fill in to narrow space to penetrate smoothly.

We ensures that PLENSET keeps excellent performance both adhesiveness and flowability.

Technical data presented in this document are typical experimental values and do not signify any of the products’ specifications. The data may be revised without prior notice.

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